Nothing for Nothing

Askildsen, Kjell: Ingenting for ingenting

In four of the five short stories in NOTHING FOR NOTHING, all a kind of one-act pieces with a limited course of events, the main characters are men. In the fifth and longer story, a woman is central. With his masterly ability to portray the nuances of interpersonal relationships, Askildsen explores the problem of intimacy and the nature of cohabitation.

Praise for Nothing for Nothing:

"Kjell Askildsen has carved out a perfect style in his slim collection of short stories. Words have been transformed to art. The conversations have lines. Nothing is superfluous."
(the author Sissel Lange-Nielsen, Aftenposten)

"exceptionally well done (...) I cannot see that any short story writer can compare with Askildsen in this country today."

"These little dramas are painfully precise. Askildsen's stylistic and psychological insight penetrates the ordinariness of the situation, arriving at the naked and difficult coexistence of the sexes."
(the author Knut Faldbakken, Dagbladet)

First published: 1982, Oktober
Kjell Askildsen: Biography and bibliography

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