From Now On I'll Walk You All the Way Home

Askildsen, Kjell: Heretter følger jeg deg helt hjem

FROM NOW ON I'LL WALK YOU ALL THE WAY HOME is Kjell Askildsen's literary debut. Several of the short stories are snapshots of situations involving young women and men. The collection was exceptionally well received by the press. However, many readers found the stories immoral, and the book was banned in Askildsens's home town Mandal.

"eminent short stories"
(Johan Borgen, Dagbladet)

"The short stories are well written, conveying a nicely turned psychologial point. Askildsen is a skilled writer. He has an artistic nerve and is an obvious talent."

"He has a rare ability to be specific and concrete in his perceptions and observations. He creates vivid situations. Stylistically he is very confident"

First published: 1953, Oktober
Kjell Askildsen: Biography and bibliography

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