Everything as Before - Selected Short Stories

Askildsen, Kjell: Alt som før - noveller i utvalg

A selection of 34 of Kjell Askildsen’s superb short stories, both old and new ones.

Praise for Everything as Before:

“This is an invitation to something that will hopefully give new perceptions of the stories and of the authorship, an attempt to open up to new perspectives. Because we’re dealing with an author who has explored this small form of prose’s possibilities, we are talking complex texts. Clear, but not simple. If you read it in a slightly different light than you are used to, you run the risk of discovering something else, something new.”

From Terje Holtet Larsen’s foreword

“I hoist the flag; a flag for the fact that after all these years of silence, there is finally a new/old collection of short stories by Kjell Askildsen. There are few authors and few books I anticipate with such high expectations. No current Norwegian writer can say so much in so few words. No one leaves you with so much food for thought and reflection as Kjell Askildsen… I have always had to return to his books. I never finish with them.”
Jahn Otto Johansen, Aftenposten

First published: 2005, Forlaget Oktober
Kjell Askildsen: Biography and bibliography

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