Costa del Sol

Almaas, Bjørn Espen: Costa del Sol

Jon and Daniel find some soaked porn magazines in the forest, but is it a good idea to take them home to dry them with a blow dryer? The guy who calls himself Simen shows up at the funeral and wants to make it all better when Sofie dies, but has he ever known Sofie? And is it not really to late to make it better? Kevin, who is going to spend the whole summer in a caravan with his step-mum, can’t resist trying on her underwear while she is at the beach. What is it that she wants from him in the nights? At the same time his mum is having secret rendezvous with his dad, but does that make any of them happier? And Edvard, who has gone south with his childhood friends, why can’t he have fun like the others? Daniel certainly is not having fun: It is summer and he is in his home town, but what on earth can he do there when all his friends have moved away? And Marvin? What has he done?

Praise for Costa del Sol:

”A linguistically secure and exciting debut… It literally gushes from these short stories”


”Intensely good… Debutant Bjørn Esben Almaas delivers a tremendously well composed collection of short stories at his first attempt… Almaas shows an unusual talent for storytelling"

”Saucy, audacious and a little sad… a successful debut with a bearing, personal voice”

”A remarkable collection of short stories… the stories have power to convince and a nerve… a strong debut. The stories are post cards from dark, shady landscapes, places that are uncomfortable, but also thought-evoking to visit”

First published: 2001, Forlaget Oktober
Bjørn Espen Almaas: Biography and bibliography

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