Is it Possible

Foros, Ellen Grimsmo: Går det an

This collection of poetry is Ellen Grimsmo Foros’ debut, and it is characterised by open wondering and great strength of association. With pulse, rhythm and singability she writes poems with great sensuousness, movability and unrest. Metaphors are used in a concrete matter, so that elementary terms as animal, city, forest and mountain circle between the poems and are given changing meaning.

From Is it Possible:
What were you going to pick, of grains from nature
We went to a room to get dressed up There we became blissful with each other
as if it were Christmas and we did not know each other’s extent
Forest and city is mixed as in a sore Utopia
I fold the clothes in the closet maybe I don’m t need them
I have this cream I can put on
I tried to billow the body but could not feel where you were
asked: are we on top of each other now? Can I kiss you, move against you?

”Poetic attempts to escape. Lyrical debut which suffices. This is a type of language-conscious poetry which can be demanding to read, but contains intriguing rudiments. In particular I think the inquiring sentences, which the poems crawl with, opens them up and makes them loose and counteract the seemingly closed air that poetry often can have. Besides the poems hold audacious and playful formulations… If the poems are – and always have to be – confined in language, these debutant poems, after all, display an energetic, almost explosive freedom of action which creates thought evoking connections, and the inquisitive tone which characterises this poetry, underlined by the question in the title, adds a testing and wondering openness to the poems.”
(Bergens Tidende)

First published: 2006, Forlaget Oktober
Ellen Grimsmo Foros: Biography and bibliography

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