Foros, Ellen Grimsmo: Jordbok

This collection has direction, rhythm and is charged in a way that grips the reader from the very first page. With effortless authority the author creates large movements where different places and times in the history of man are incorporated in everyday incidents, making the “I” and “You” of the book enter into ever changing connections.

Praise for EARTHBOOK:

“Foros has established herself as a central figure in contemporary poetry”
(Bergens Tidende)

“Sensuous and mysterious poems that keep the feet firmly planted on the ground and in the darkness of history … Her debut collection two years ago convinced most that we’re dealing with a stayer, and the follow-up this year proves they were right … small lyrical prose pieces, lush without being verbose, stylistically imaginative without being metaphorical … an incredibly confident and musical poet.”

First published: 2008, Forlaget Oktober
Ellen Grimsmo Foros: Biography and bibliography

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