: imitabilis

Fatland, Janne Marie: : imitabilis

Through her direct and sensuous style, Janne Marie Fatland offers a glimpse into a half realistic, half mythical world, where loving care becomes abuse, and abuse is performed with great love. : IMITABILIS oscillates between carefulness and violence, and along the way we are told an original and brutal story of how relations between people, between people and animals, can look.

Praise for : IMITABILIS:

“One of this year’s most promising poetry debuts … The poems’ view of the surrounding world is both playful and violent, considerate and egotistical.”

With : IMITABILIS Janne Marie Fatland delivers the probably most resilient and well crafted poetry debut this year … a very interesting debut collection of poetry, and I think many will follow the author’s writing in the future.”
(Dag og Tid)

First published: 2008, Forlaget Oktober
Janne Marie Fatland: Biography and bibliography

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