The Kingdom of Auks

Ericsson, Kjersti: Alkekongeriket

Here lands the heart
without a briefcase
for all the memos of womanhood
and becomes and arctic cowboy
who will follow the snowstorm
after the thousand hoofs of the wind
over the glacier
tend the herd
of shiny calves
through the trail
ride alone
into the midnight sun
on a seahorse

The Kingdom of Auks deals with womanhood as the poems give a peek into a grown woman’s experience of the relationship to younger and older generations, the work that has been done and the choices that have been made. At the same time the collection is rich on nature and travel impressions, mainly from Svalbard, which a part of the book has been dedicated to.

First published: 1997, Forlaget Oktober
Kjersti Ericsson: Biography and bibliography

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