Moss quiet. Horsetail

Ericsson, Kjersti: Mosestille. Kjerringrokk

Nature plays and important part in Kjersti Ericsson’s poetic universe. Often with a small piece of the Norwegian, near landscape as a starting point, rooms of thoughts are opened, which can stretch to different continents, or other eras in history. At the same time Kjersti Ericson uses her eyes with social interest, and she makes room for children in difficulty and refugees, among others.
A special suite in this collection gives a voice to the women who were part of the great Telangana-rebellion, led by the communist party, against feudal masters and imperialism in the state of Hyberabad in India, 1948-51. There were poor farmer-women, intellectual city-women and daughters of traditional families, both Hindu and Moslem.

First published: 1995, Forlaget Oktober
Kjersti Ericsson: Biography and bibliography

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