Engebretsen, Lars R.: Samling

Collection is Lars Engebretsen’s third collection of poetry, and it displays a new turn in his authorship. As in the two previous collections, the poems are characterized by evident phonetic and rhythmic qualities. This collection, however, is more open and has an epic touch. The poems are rhythmic, without losing their free form, and the reader is introduced to a time- and storyline, without having the poems lose their density and concentration on the moment. Lars Engebretsen has written a strong and sore collection about the relationship between a father and a son, where the son is trying to reach some clarity in his relationship to the father in the time immediately after the father’s death.

Praise for Collection:

”Engebretsen employs elements from music, and from pictorial art in a linguistic work unequalled in Norwegian poetry”

”Lars R. Engebretsen manages to handle material as complicated as this without becoming private or sentimental. This “sobriety” in the poems is captivating - even if the underlying feelings about the father’s death can be sensed behind the lattice of words. It is skilfully done”
(Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad)

”Credit to the poet for a worthy attempt to describe the pain of loss… a good book about grief and grief process… Engebretsen’s attempt to cover this arsenal of conflicting feelings commands respect”

”Musically gifted and uncompromising poetry which creates a new language about death… Engebretsen’s poems evoke physical reactions in me: quivers in my chest, tears in my eyes, smiles and shaking a leg. Treat yourself to the experience of how it is to go into this with your guard down. As the previous ones, Engebretsen’s third book is carried by an exceptional musicality which is expressed through playing with sound, rhythm and texture…" o When encountering these texts, I can’t help myself. I have to do what a reviewer probably should avoid if he wants to keep his integrity in the future. I want to predict an authorship’s destiny: Lars R. Engebretsen will have a wide place in future poetry-anthologies. I hope the prophecy is fulfilled, not for Engebretsen’s sake, but for the future’s”
(Vårt Land)

First published: 2005, Forlaget Oktober
Lars R. Engebretsen: Biography and bibliography

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