The Most Imaginable of All Worlds

Burkey, Ingvild: Den mest tenkelige av alle verdener


Ingvild Burkey´s new poems are marked by a strong poetic diction and a bold subjectivity, bringing together political and existential unrest. Love poems, poems for a child and poems about America all form part of an underlying search for language that can express our daily experience.

Praise for The Most Imaginable of All Worlds:

"Poems from a forgotten childhood, about quest and wonder ... simple observations or fragments of childhood memories are given new and expanded meaning through imagery which defamiliarises and forces the reader to see new connections."

"Ambitious ... I find several exquisite images ... She takes fruitful chances ... there is a predominance of good poetry in The Most Imaginable of All Worlds. Demanding to review, inciting to read!"

"Ingvild Burkey gives content to words like reflection, understanding and memory in a characteristic way ... This is a tightly composed collection with sharp and precise observations and perceptions ... she works slowly compared to many other Norwegian authors, but what does that matter when this collection places her among the best of her generation."
(Dag og tid)

"Burkey combines wary perceptiveness and subtle observations - usually over life´s so-called trifles and everyday matters - with a high level of contemplation. The language is direct, apparently simple, but many of the poems open up for a surprising and fruitful jumble of reflections and associations."

"What catches the eye or ear in Burkey’s poems is the language, which is so light, bright, simple, shining, flowing and self-evident that the world appears harmonic, trustworthy and illuminated by words. Though the world seems to be perfectly level, there are cracks; the strings of words unnoticeably let in a dark undercurrent which threatens the summer peace and puts it at risk. The poems point at other worlds beyond the orderly, imaginable one."
(Sindre Ekreim, Vinduet)

[...] insights that might prove familiar to both individual readers and generations [...] This is a collection of poetry that in its own entirely discreet way sticks out from the gray crowd.
(Erik Lodén, Stavanger Aftenblad)

First published: 2008, Forlaget Oktober
Ingvild Burkey: Biography and bibliography

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