What Now, Dear

Bergquist, Kristian: Hva nå, kjære

Kristian Bergquist’s debut is a poetry-collection about the afterwards. What do you do when a child dies? How do you grieve? And how do you get on with your life? Through finely tuned and powerful poems we gain insight into what life is like, before and now. If the writing is a way of moving forward, it is also a way of hanging on to what is gone.

Praise for What Now, Dear:

What Now, Dear is a quiet, but intense collection of poetry that insists upon being one big declaration of love to the son who is not there today, tomorrow or in sixty years. And it is hard not to get emotionally affected.”

”Tenderness is another word one can use to describe Kristian Bergquist’s What now, Dear, about the loss of a new-born … some verses are specifically poetical and dual, and vouch for the rugged in the language and fills it with love.”

”Bergquist manages, sometimes with quite powerful devices, to impart a grief, a great loss, in an economical and efficient manner … adds to the pile of several promising poetry debutants the last few years.”

First published: 2007, Forlaget Oktober
Kristian Bergquist: Biography and bibliography

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