Encirclement II

Tiller, Carl Frode: Innsirkling II

This novel centres mainly on the sorrow inherent in the knowledge that everything might have been different. A young man is confined within a psychiatric institution, having committed crimes he does not properly comprehend but cannot altogether erase from his memory. A psychologist encourages him to write, and as he does so, childhood memories and incidents begin to resurface.

With brutal realism we learn how a childhood marked by coldness, helplessness and loneliness moulds a person.However, through the protagonist’s fervent endeavors to understand and to keep his world intact, the reader also gets to know a despairing and sensitive human being.

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Praise for Encirclement II:

”Carl Frode Tiller continues his nerve-racking encircling of the mystical David in one of this autumn’s strongest novels. Guilt, atonement, executioner and victim in a remarkable work of fiction.” (Dagbladet)

“This autumn’s great Norwegian novel. Every new book by Carl Frode Tiller is better imagined and better written than the previous. With the Encircling books, Carl Frode Tiller is on his way towards something really big.” (Dagens Næringsliv)

“Carl Frode Tiller redeems all expectations with his most recent novel Encircling 2. Not because of thriller tension, but because of a sensitivity for the possibilities of the language which is exceptional. This season’s novel manages both to fill out and carry on the highly praised Encircling from 2007.” (Dagsavisen)

First published: 2010, Aschehoug Fiction
Carl Frode Tiller: Biography and bibliography

Rights sold to

Language Foreign publisher
Albanian Morava
American English Graywolf
British English Sort of Books
Czech Dauphin
Danish C&K
Dutch Prometheus
German btb (Random House)
Hungarian Gondolat
Serbian Zavet Publishing House

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