Chernobyl Stories

Storholmen, Ingrid: Tsjernobylfortellinger

Nominated for the 2009 Critics' Prize
Nominated for the 2009 Brage Award
Nominated for the 2009 Youth Critics' Prize

Through a number of different voices and situations, CHERNOBYL STORIES shows us the consequences of the worst nuclear reactor accident of our time, in the spring of 1986. Forgetting Chernobyl is failing to emphasize the risk of nuclear power.

Author Ingrid Storholmen originally comes from Verdal in the middle part of Norway, an area affected by the radioactive rain from Chernobyl. In 2002 she spent two months in the forbidden zone and the condemned areas of Ukraine and Belarus. This is her first novel, following three critically acclaimed collections of poetry.

Praise for Chernobyl Stories:

"True political art (...) Chernobyl Stories is a strong and hard book."

”Stories that shine (...) Chernobyl Stories is a classic piece of literature - it pursues its project with stylistic awareness and aesthetic force, making the book as hard to put down as it is to read. (...) The little stories serve one of the most fundamental roles in culture: They make distant things present and alive. Thus, the book is in its way a testimony to the power of telling - also where telling is at a loss. The next time someone complains about the lack of political literature in this country, I suggest rolling up a copy of Chernobyl Stories, hard, and hit them in the head with it."

First published: 2009, Aschehoug Fiction
Ingrid Storholmen: Biography and bibliography

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British English HarperCollins (India)
Estonian OÜ Kirjastus Koobakene
Hindi Vani Prakashan

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