Love Story

Pedersen, Gine Cornelia: Kjærlighetshistorie

Solveig has just become pregnant when Peer Pedro decides to take a trip out into the world all alone. He is an unusually handsome and somewhat sorrowful boy from the west side of Oslo, she is a small town girl who loves the city and is not afraid of true love.

The two of them stay in touch by email, but after a while Peer Pedro stops replying. The journey he is on knows no bounds – he is carried away by women, a lot of money falls into his hands and he comes to the coldest place in the world.

At home Solveig’s pregnancy advances and eventually becomes Frøya in a baby pram. The memory of Peer Pedro grows fainter, until one day he stands with downcast eyes on her doorstep again.

Love Story is a touching, amusing and possibly supernatural novel.

Praise for Love Story:

"The novel Love Story is original despite of – or maybe because of – the active use of an old text. There is a punch and an energy in this language, that was also there in Pedersen's first novel. But this new novel plays on more strings and is a significantly more mature work. Pedersen copies Ibsen in an original manner. The result is a theatrical novel with oomph as well as room for reflection. Way to go."
Norwegian Broadcasting Company

"Part One is two monologues intertwined, written with a strong understanding of rhythm and completely stripped of full stops. In Part Two, the story is more dialogue-like, and the great settlement is upon them. The text holds a lot of momentum and strength, especially when it shows Peer's worst sides"

"Pedersen is touching on the borders of foolhardiness when she bases her new novel on Ibsen's Peer Gynt. It is all the more remarkable how she manages to bring the project to shore with originality and a fantastic linguistic energy. The Debutant Prize winner of 2013 has taken a big step forward, especially in confidence. At the same time, the playfulness is prominent i the depiction of the pregnant country-side girl Solveig and the not-so-reliable charmer Peer Pedro from Oslo's west side."
Hamar Arbeiderblad

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