Thin Air

Joachim Førsund: Ildverket
2016, Forlaget Oktober, 280 pages

Sandra is fourteen. She has lost her mother and is about to be handed over to foster parents on a farm by the sea. Now she is sitting in the back seat of a strange car, trying to memorise the route so that she can find her way back.

Morten is standing by the window of his room. He has been longing for somebody to talk to, and he sees a car coming up the road through the asparagus fields. The girl in the backseat is his age, but she is tall enough to see into the world of the adults.

In dense, down-to-earth prose, Joachim Førsund writes about the possibility of becoming close with another person and the risk of being abandoned.

“A solid novel … Førsund masters the craft incredibly well. There are good dialogues, poetic observations, and well-crafted sentences that make you halt … Even if the novel has a sad core,there is also humour, warmth and also a hope in the novel’s realization that good relationships can also be found outside of the biological family. Thumbs up to Joachim Førsund’s sorrowful, yet humorous storytelling talent”
5/6, Bergens Tidende

“A beautiful, credible, unpretentious novel about Sandra from Eik who in the wake of her mother’s death is placed into foster care … THIN AIR is Joachim Førsund’s difficult second novel. He succeeds”
5/6, Tønsberg’s Blad

"Hard, tender and full of hope … Førsund has more than a story of dark secrets to tell, and he has a fistful of hardhitting prose … Førsund’s concise style is reminiscent of the hardness Hemingway struggled for, but his prose never shows off, never tries too hard … This is a novel to my taste”

“Førsund creates a powerful tension in THIN AIR. The throbbing atmosphere of the novel is also due to Førsund’s skills in building up situations that are ofte nervewracking … a quivering novel that moves and shakes the reader, and which will be devoured in one sitting”

“quietly sensitive, poetic in a sober way, but also terrifying … immaculate … a gorgeous piece of writing”
Stavanger Aftenblad, Books of the year 2016

“There’s a tempo and vulnerability in this novel that give crime novels a run for their money. You are compelled to find out what happens, to read on and on. It describes the importance of finding the right people in your life. Then things can turn out well. A gem”
Unni Lindell, Books of the year 2016

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