My Father's Dog

Hiide, Lisbet: Min fars hund

In an attempt to get attention, and maybe even love, from her father, Bella tries to become a human dog. Along with her sister, Little K, their parents and a range of other relatives (and Farah Dibah the dog), she grows up in an elegant though run-down wooden villa – "a house full of secrets – shut out from the world, or in a world of its own".

MY FATHER'S DOG portrays a daughter’s boundless love for her father. It is a modern fable marked by exaggerations, magnifications, deliberate disproportions and a peculiar mix of sincerity and cynicism. A grotesque tale and a gripping story about survival.

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Praise for My Father's Dog:

"Lisbet Hiide is an excellent author who, with My Father’s Dog, has written her best book ... As a whole, My Father’s Dog is a novel with room for an abundant language, centered around the family’s madness and wildness. It is a gruesome story, told in the seemingly humouristic style of the fable. And it is this combination of madness, cruelness and glittering fantasy that sets this novels in class of its own. Lisbet Hiide is still a champion, even if 14 years pass between each novel” Hamar Arbeiderblad

"Fourteen years isn’t that long when waiting for something as interesting as Lisbet Hiide’s new novel … The characters in My Father’s Dog are precise and in a category of their own … Original, particular and consise … My Father’s Dog is a fable: reckless, feministic, lethal family absurdness … My Father’s Dog is clearly an extension of Hiide’s earlier books and reinforces the impression that one is dealing with a highly original, particular and concise author"  Morgenbladet

"Hiide paints the family universe as an absurd commune of individuals tied together in paradoxical and destructive ways … It is, at the same time, funny and painful to read about Bella’s attempts to taket he dog’s place” Klassekampen

"Lisbet Hiide’s fourth book is something extraordinary. She creates a literary universe which resembles reality, apart from a few screaming and bizarre details … Consistent and original … It has been fourteen years since Lisbet Hiide’s last novel. She has made good use of the time” Dagbladet

"As a reader one is struck by the author’s ability to create a characteristic – and at times absurd – literary universe, peopled by odd characters and with such a nuanced and original language that it delights the reader, even at the sentence level. Lisbet Hiide masters the art of creating beauty by language, yet often in combination with horrific descriptions of the novel’s inner world and characters” Bergens Tidende

First published: 2010, Forlaget Oktober
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