Always Forgiveness

Anne B. Ragde: Alltid tilgivelse
2016, Forlaget Oktober, 304 pages

Back to Neshov!

Three and a half years have passed since Torunn left Neshov to seek refuge in the forest down south with Christer. Erlend and Krumme have become busy parents, with new, bright prospects of the sweet life in Copenhagen. Even if life is a thing that no-one can take for granted.

Margido has found his way back to God, but he also has to face the consequences of changing times in the funeral business. Having seen her fortieth birthday come and go, Torunn realizes that she has no future with the notoriously unfaithful dog sled racer Christer. But perhaps there is hope for a new life at Neshov? And maybe there is still forgiveness to be found for the way she let the rest of her family down?

The fourth book in the Neshov series, ALWAYS FORGIVENESS is a joyful return to Neshov and the cast of characters so familiar to and beloved by readers all over Europe.


«Ragde certainlys shows a steady hand when she now finally picks up the story of the people at Neshov. They all come running at the reader, all the characters, effortlessly pulled into a new narrative web with loose threads and possibilities for new stories for years to come. Oh yes, this is a joyful read … Anne B. Ragde has her great strength in research, details and social setting … a fun read”

“Give us more Neshov books, Anne B. Ragde! The readers has lots to look forward to”

“Ragde has an arsenal of self-made, well-crafted characters. So well-crafted that it’s almost strange that she managed to wait so long … Anne B. Ragde has again hit the Norwegien reader’s soft spots”

“A solid addition to the series about the Neshov Family”

“The wonderful thing about Ragde’s fourth Neshov book is that it is exactly as expected … Much of the joy of the reader depends on the regognition of the characters. And it helps if she also likes them. The way the author so obviously does. Anne B. Ragde’s love for Margido, Erlend, Krumme and Torunn shines through every paragraph of Always Forgiveness. She knows these people … Readers who loved the Neshov trilogy – and they are many – will undoubtedly love this fourth book too … On another note Ragde’s writing is a model of clarity and quality, her sentences seem casually simple, without ornament or affectation. She switches between dialogue, action and indirect speech with ease and flow, and gives each character a hint of their own voice, unforced and without overstating. Perhaps she is the best in the country at precisely this: writing such a fluent and “ordinary” prose, but never coming across as banal, or too “simple”.

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