Beyond All Colours

Alnæs, Karsten: Bakenfor alle farger

In this fictional treatment of the environment and events of his own childhood, Karsten Alnæs explore themes that flow through his entire work: the nightmare of war, the lifegiving power of water and the liberating potential of imagination.

In an intimate tone, he tells the story of four boys growing up in a Norwegian small town. Together they set out on daring adventures along the river and waterfall that cut right through town, they explore burnt-out buildings, elevators, backyards and girls, and they have surprising encounters with travellers, preachers and teachers. Beyond All Colours is a novel about the mysterious world of childhood and eternal friendship, but it is also a story of war and its aftermath, of death and of the fear of death, and of the dark secrets that the adults conceal.

But it is also humorous novel, full of pranks and wild stunts, and a chronicle of the contrasts between everyday life in a landlocked small town and holidays on the fertile islands facing the great sea far away in the northwest, where the main character’s parents come from.

First published: 2008, Aschehoug Fiction
Karsten Alnæs: Biography and bibliography

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