Almaas, Bjørn Espen: Katzenjammer

A couple wants a cat. He wants to show vigour, and gets a cat that she doesn’t like, so he has to get rid of it again. At the same time he finds a place where he can hide when he wants to be left alone. He wants that more and more often. This is the starting point for an original novel which in a rare way develops its own inner logic, a novel where the burlesque and suggestive situations seem to move towards something enigmatic and exceeding.

Praise for Katzenjammer:


”Very entertaining”

“Well-written novel”

”Bjørn Esben Almaas has shown that he is both a skilled prose writer craft-wise, and that he has a vivid and resilient literary voice”

“Katzenjammer is possibly neither a traditional novel nor a story, but it entertains and wails at the same time, in its own way”

First published: 2003, Forlaget Oktober

Bjørn Esben Almaas: Biography and bibliography

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