Made for Life

Agerholm, Susanne: Liv laga

Made for Life is about a mother of two, Signe, who, after a suicide attempt one winter day, finds herself in a taxi on the way to a psychiatric hospital. There, she is admitted into a closed ward. The hospital proves to be a place where Signe can slowly come into focus as a person, both for herself and for her surroundings.

The novel manages, through its finely tuned language, to show how Signe's view of the world gradually changes from hopelessness and confusion, to a glimmer of hope and positive energy, first and foremost through meetings with other patients and the women's psychiatrist at the hospital. The novel gives the reader a unique insight into what happens when a person loses touch with reality and needs to be helped back to life again. Therefore, Made for Life can perhaps be called a novel about a break down that ends well.

Praise for Made for life:

"In this novel both perceptions and inner emotions are thoroughly and exquisitely described, in an impressionistic language, rich on images"

First published: 2004, Aschehoug Fiction

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