Egg Yolk

Agerholm, Susanne: Eggeplomme

An enthralling portrayal of childhood, viewed through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl, Sara. Sensitive and vulnerable, Sara yearns for social acceptance and strives to keep abreast of her classmates' intrigues and mercurial friendships. The story centres primarily on Sara's relations with her mentally ill mother. Although the way the child is at the mercy of her environment is described both feelingly and respectfully, the author never gives way to sentimentality. Sara is a 'dandelion child' who, external factors notwithstanding, succeeds in blooming wherever there is a gleam of light.

Praise for Egg Yolk:

"Her second novel is well-written and mature - and extremely engaging"

First published: 2000, Aschehoug Fiction

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