Aasne Linnestå: Opphold

The novel Stay is an independent sequel to the critically acclaimed Garden Song, which was published in 2011. While Garden Song centred on the intensely focused author Sylvia, who has been abandoned by her husband and children, it is her husband, Mikkel, who speaks this time around.

No one knows where Sylvia is. No one knows if she is coming back. Mikkel and the children wait – and don’t wait. The days grow darker, autumn arrives, and in the neighbouring house, which is known as The Draft, an asylum-seeking family has settled. The two families are drawn closer and closer together.

Stay is a novel about love and death, about responsibility and relinquishment of responsibility, about adults and children, and about an unendurable absence. Perhaps it is most of all a story about how we live our lives, alone and together, and about how our challenging capacity for compassion is put to the test, time and time again.



"A significant contribution to Norwegian contemporary literature”

Hanne Kristin Wolden, Vinduet

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