Aarvik, Alexander: Skuddsikker

Marius is a seemingly successful young man from Oslo. He is intelligent, charming and thoughtful. But he is carrying a growing inner anxiety. Officially he is taking a break from his med studies and working as a security guard at a mall. Deep down he knows he will not be returning to university. He is disgusted by the commerciality that pervades the society. He despises himself as much as he despises the people around him. In his self-destructive hunt for transgressive experiences and actions, Marius gradually breaks all ties to friends, family and the rest of society.

 Praise for Bulletproof:

“This is a good debut (…) It is narrated well, and touches on an important theme: why is it so damn important that everyone study at the university?”


“Aarvik is good when he describes action scenes. Especially memorable is a scene where the protagonist is assigned the rescue of an overheated child in an abandoned car. (…) It is in these moments we can feel Aarvik’s literary biceps.”


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