I'll Arrive by Train

Aanestad, Ingrid Z.: Eg kjem med toget

I enter the house with the cold, clear body, I walk into her room, she’s sleeping and breathing quietly like before. I’m not thinking of anything. I lie down on her warm back, she wakes and turns her head to the side, she turns towards me.

She arrives by train, Eli meets her at the station in a small town by the coast. It’s winter and it’s been several years since they last saw each other. For a few weeks they live together in Eli’s house, her house that is by the sea.

I’ll Arrive by Train is an evocative, beautifully tuned piece of writing from a fastidious stylist.


”The depictions are so nicely written, the reading almost becomes a meditative experience. By participating in the quiet life by the sea, it is as if I calm down and clear my thoughts myself … this is a beautiful book”
 (Dag og tid)

”With unassuming precision, she writes out the story between the first-person narrator and Eli. The feeling of the text is cool and clean. The novel is elegantly written and supports the themes of the story. The language and the thematic content support each other and give the novel a lyrically condensed style”
 (Adresseavisen )

”Aanestad is poetic, funny and sad at the same time in an intense story … The unspoken smoulders under the surface and adds intensity to the story. Aanestad masters the art of suggestion and leaves scenes and conversations vibrating – often in a rather dramatic manner … In the universe of this novel, every piece and every sentence seems to hold secret traces and decisive meaning. This makes it a good read.”

”Firmly composed, with Bergmanian undertones … There is not one superfluous word, every sentence counts. The wonderful thing is that the economic use of words creates more powerful images in the reader’s mind than more wordy books manage to conjure. The rather simple intrigue is never static, small surprises force the story to move forward … a young talent worth paying attention to.”

”Aanestad makes the story live and vibrate”

”In a masterly manner she utilises the scarce and lyrical depictions of the landscape outside the house to create atmosphere and exceeding in the text … she dares dwell on the smallest parts of everyday life. The result is admirable.”
 (Bergens Tidende)

”This autumn’s gem of a book … a small pearl, polished by squally winds, beaches and loneliness … It is a beautiful little novel, with clean language, harmonious and nice … Aanestad’s books do not scream loudly, they don’t make noise, they don’t attract attention in that way. It is like a cool tone that breaks through chaos, a tone you cannot refrain from lending an ear to … You can only look forward to next time.”
 (Vårt Land, Critics’ Favourites 2008)

”I will go as far as saying that she creates linguistic art … If there was a prize for best second book, Aanestad would be a strong candidate”

”Impressive and distinctive … Aanestad touches everything so carefully; the dialogues, the personas, the events. The effect is formidable; she develops a control of the text where the tiniest push starts spreading consequences”
 (Stavanger Aftenblad)

”With a sure touch for style on secret feelings and longings … concentrated prose that again shows Aanestad as a serious and talented voice”

”This year’s big surprise! I’ll Arrive by Train is Aanestad’s second novel, and with this beautiful, stripped novel, she simply writes herself in among the best. The form is minimalistic, the external plot is very limited, the conversations are made up of silence, most questions are left unanswered. But through the focus on simple, everyday details, and not much else, a charged feeling is created, a feeling that both moves, and after a while is condensed by suspense, possibilities and maybe even hope”
 (Hamar Arbeiderblad, Critics’ favourites 2008)

First published: 2008, Forlaget Oktober
 Ingrid Z. Aanestad: Biography and bibliography 

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