The Issue with the Two or Three Students

Ådland, Øyvind: Problemet med de to-tre studentene

Øyvind Ådland’s last book, his debut novel Conflict Race, did indeed create conflict. Øystein Rottem wrote: “A sad monstrosity”. Odd Surén wrote: “It happens once in a while that you run into a truly original talent … He is totally consequent in his unpolished, wild method where elements that normally exist far apart are used as ingredients to the same sentence.”

This novel The Issue with the Two or Three Students, picks up where Conflict Race left off – with breakneck leaps of thought and language, that challenges the reader in every sentence. In the plot you can sense an urban structure of power, spreading a chill over dusty individuals that don’t fit in. The city is Bergen, it is the Norwegian oil age and there is continual construction work. But the indefatigable Bødtger fights for his Re-educated students at Re-education School, in the middle of a new existence.

First published: 2006, Aschehoug
Øyvind Ådland: Biography and bibliography

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