The Brage Mirror

Kittelsen, Erling: Bragespeilet

Brage Boddesson, or Brage the Old as he was known, was a skald and probably lived in the first half of the 9th century. The 28 stanzas of his work that have come down to us are known as Ragnarsdråpa. In Bragespeilet Erling Kittlesen has translated these verses, his versions being printed along with the originals, which strike one as remarkably modern in both form and content.
The poem tells the story of Hild, daughter of King Hogne, who is abducted by Hedin and taken to an island on which the king is unable to land. It tells too of the Huns slaying of the Goth king Jòrmunrekr, and of Gevjon, a woman who was awarded a plot of land as large as four oxen could plough in a day and a night.

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