Extract of DISTRUST HE WHO ISN’T NOSTALGIC! with Comments on the Bewitched

Indreeide, Erling: Utdrag frå MISTRU DEN SOM IKKJE ER NOSTALGISK! med merknader Om det forgjorte

Does the correct childhood exist? The correct way of living? And in the light of September 11 th 2001; what does it mean when something is monstrous? Can it be wiped out? Erling Indreeide writes about technological utopism in the wider sense; the belief that life can be controlled, and what is lost in the unmeasurable and unsaleable. The essay is widely laid out and put together by discussions around current examples, more poetic saga’s plus term-theoretic texts which let a connected existential system of thought gradually appear. Under the system of thought there is a tribute to the unmesurable love.

Praise for Extract of DISTRUST HE WHO ISN’T NOSTALGIC! with Comments on the Bewitched:

”An essay in tradition of Zappfe’s About the Tragic… A both learned and intellectually restless author’s attempt to find ways to survive for what can’t be measured and traded. In spite of the gloomy perspectives, Indreeiden’s essay is still a tribute to the things that don’t pay, that can’t be measured, and that can’t be bought or sold or traded in any other way. To love and poetry. In this day and age there are not many who with such intellectual power, such a convincing ability of formulating and such courage as Indreeide put up a defence for the human being”

First published: 2003, Forlaget Oktober
Erling Indreeide: Biography and bibliography

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