Henrik Ibsen's Writings: Henrik Ibsens skrifter

Henrik Ibsen is widely recognised as the world's foremost modern playwright. With Henrik Ibsen's Writings, Ibsen is complete for the first time in history.

An international cultural boost
Henrik Ibsen's Writings is a magnificent endeavour, and one that is unrivalled in Norway. It is the most comprehensive and authentic edition of Ibsen's writings ever published.
A publication project of such dimensions has never before been carried out in Norway. A staff of prominent Norwegian and Danish researchers has taken part in this work for many years. The philological control and the textual commentaries make Henrik Ibsen's Writings the future's standard reference work for people in the theatre world, for researchers, students, translators, teachers and the general reading public.
Never before has any Norwegian writer's work been treated so thoroughly. All of Ibsen's writings - both printed and thus far unprinted material, close to 60 000 pages - are mapped out, controlled and published. His dramas constitute the main body of the texts, but here are also poems, letters, articles, speeches, notes and preparatory work from Ibsen's hand. On top of this come the substantial commentaries, which in themselves form a gold mine for all interested in literature or history.
In the course of time, the many different editions of Ibsen's works have undergone considerable textual changes; that is why it is important to go back to the original texts. By examining the historical texts and the context from which they arose, our understanding of Ibsen and his age can be enhanced.
Henrik Ibsen's Writings will consist of 15 volumes of Ibsen's own texts, and 15 volumes of commentaries. In addition there will be a comprehensive index volume. The work will also be published in an electronic edition, with ample opportunity to search the entire material.

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