Devilish Facts

Grønn, Hans Christian: Fakta Faen

The follow-up is here! Devilish Facts takes you down Memory Lane on sherox waxed with stearin while Limahl sings Never Ending Story in the background. This time the Eighties are at the forefront, that is the 80s as Chris and the guys experienced them, mind you. The madness is organised in the form of a mini lexicon. Do normal lexica contain anything about the really important things in life? About pals, teenybopper girls, rubber gorilla faces and retired country homos? Underneath all the laughs there is an unease about mob rule society and perhaps nostalgia for what used to be?

"I had a great time reading Hans Christian Grønn’s Det som er strengt. His gang was a notch cooler than mine, no doubt about that"
(Harald Eia, The Year’s Best Read, Natt&Dag)

First published: 2005, Aschehoug Fiction

Hans Christian Grønn: Biography and bibliography

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