I Know Where You Live

Unni Lindell: Jeg vet hvor du bor
2016, Aschehoug, 400 pages

Six year old Thona disappeared in an allotment garden fifteen years ago. She is still missing. Police inspector Marian Dahle has had time off from work due to injuries and her fragile mind, but now she is ordered by Cato Isaksen to reopen this cold case. The pidgeon lady’s son, Glenn Haug, was a suspect for a long time.

While the case is being investigated anew, a brutal revenge is carried out. Men are kidnapped, tortured and attempted murdered. Nobody understands the terrible connection, until it’s nearly too late. Things are not the way they seem. Marian has made a dangerous enemy. And one night he is there. In her house.

This is the first book of the Marian Dahle series.

«She (Unni Lindell) has an eye for things, creates the rights atmospahere through her language and describes the pecularities of the human mind in a very fascinating way. And she is very good at creating riddles. (…) On its best I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE is an intense, exciting pageturner with big portions of unpleasant suspense.” VG, Elin Brend Bjørhei

«Now it is her (Marian Dahle) who is the perhaps most interesting hero in Norwegian crime … be sure that the moments of suspense are plentiful” Hamar arbeiderblad, Geir Vestad

“At last a crime where everything works… bull’s eye” 6/6 stars Dagbladet, Cathrine Krøger  

«Elegant and hard-hitting crime» 5/6 stars Fædrelandsvennen, Bjarne Tveiten

«…includes all the ingredients that make her one of the country’s most popular crime writers.» Dagsavisen, Geir Rakvaag

“At the end of the book, Lindell demonstrates omnipotence. … creates an intense and suffocating psychological thriller, saving some elegant twists and turns to the very end. That’s when Lindell really shows her mastery”. Adresseavisen, Ole Jakob Hoel

“Lindell is a master in making her characters living, breathing people. She creates interesting personas and places, full of suspense and refinement. (…) The history of Thona and Marian offers a great path of progression, and it is where Unni Lindell masters the language, descriptions and complexity of the characters” Trønder-Avisa

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