Gospel of Lucifer

Egeland, Tom: Lucifers evangelium

Winner of the Riverton Prize 2009

Rome 1970: Silvana, the 10-year old daughter of Giovanni Nobile, prominent demonologist at the Vatican University – is kidnapped and locked in a coffin by an ancient religious sect. Unless Nobile produces a several thousand year old manuscript called Gospel of Lucifer, they will leave Silvana locked in the coffin until she dies.

Oslo , 2009: Archeologist Bjørn Beltø discovers a manuscript that turns out to be part of the Gospel of Lucifer. Tree people die are killed in a dreadful way: they are emptied of blood. In terror Bjørn realizes that he not only has to hide the manuscript and escape his pursuers, he must also get to the bottom of a 4500 year old mystery.

To his amazement Bjørn finds himself facing shocking questions of Satan and Satan’s son, and of the biblical doomsday. Is it possible that the astronomers of the past could have knowledge of the collision of a comet with earth? Who were the mysterious Nephilims, the tribe of giants mentioned in the Hebrew bible?

As he searches for answers, Bjørn Beltø realizes how closely old Babylonic myths are woven together with the rise of the three great world religions. In the ruins of the legendary tower of Babel in Iraq, Bjørn and a group of archeologists make a discovery that turns our understanding of the origin of civilization on its head. Behind it all there is a secret so immense and incredible that neither Bjørn nor his colleagues dare believe the truth they are in the process of uncovering

The Gospel of Lucifer is the third book about the neurotic, shrewd archaeologist Bjørn Beltø. The previous books are Circle’s End and Guardians of the Covenant. Tom Egeland’s thrillers have been translated into 18 languages.


"Devillishly good ... a literary feast for everybody who enjoys geeky enigmas, ancient documents, macabre myths and groovy suspense ... Forget Mr Brown. Tom Egeland is the winner of this year's Champions' League" (6/6)
( Verdens Gang)

"GOSPEL OF LUCIFER succeeds in building up the suspense on the surface level ... as well as on a deeper level, where the suspense is connected to the interpretation of texts and to what actually turns out to be a completely new understanding of both angels and demons, God and Satan… a brilliant Norwegian contribution to [the] genre."

"Overwhelming … An imaginitave suspense novel of the highest order … Egeland’s strength lies in his narrative skills, how he juggles and arranges and turns interesting information into thrilling suspense."

"top of the league suspense … His discussions of old manuscripts, both real and fictitious, the myths surrounding them and their influence on the history of the world, make presumably dry material burn like gun powder in Egeland’s hands … a wonderfully constructed adventure tale where the limits of the real are wiped out, and the fantastic and spectacular explode before you know it. Egeland writes with power, speed and energetic variation … a thriller writer who with this “gospel” confirms his international format."

"… a captivating fable … Tom Egeland outclasses Dan Brown, with respect to research as well as to reflection."
( Vårt land)

"As always Tom Egeland’s writing is supported by an overwhelming amount of reading and research, and he succeeds in combining this slightly geeky worshipping of facts with a good amount of surprising and fearless leaps of thoughts … The novel is a suspenseful one, and definitely not small-minded"
(Dagens Næringsliv)

"… a hypothetical Dan Brown – one who can write and who cares enough to do his homework … a literary feast."

First published: 2009, Aschehoug Fiction
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Bulgarian Perseus
Czech Euromedia
Danish Rosinante
Dutch De Geus
German Goldmann (Random House)
Greek Livanis
Icelandic Forlagid
Korean Random House Korea Inc.
Polish Skrypt
Romanian Editura Allfa
Russian Azbooka
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Ukrainian Folio Publishers Ltd

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