Deadly Drops

Dalen, Sidsel: Dødelige dråper

There is an oil boom in Brazil, and Frank Høegh, newly appointed director of Noroil’s Brazil department, is given the opportunity of investing in oil drilling in Rio Bonito in the Amazon River. Høegh brings along the freelance journalist Mia Mikkelsen so she can write an article about Noroil’s environmental and corporate responsibility. At the same time, he tries to get Norwegian politician’s approval of funds and tax cuts through the Amazon-Fund for the oil rig in Rio Bonito. A catastrophic accident kills several of the Natives working on the rig, and Frank is in danger of losing both his job and the millions he has invested. Mia Mikkelsen has to be stopped.

First book in the series about the freelance journalist Mia Mikkelsen.

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