21 Days

Dalen, Sidsel: 21 dager

When journalist Mia Mikkelsen is sent to cover an oil conference in Copenhagen, Henrik Bull, a sector manager of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, is murdered and thrown out of the window of the 18th floor of the conference hotel. At the same time Anna, a nineteen-year-old Eastern European prostitute and drug addict, discovers that her younger sister Irina is being held prisoner in Oslo, being groomed to start working as a prostitute on her thirteenth birthday. Anna has 21 days to find her.

Anna gets help from Mia who, during her quest for the truth behind Bull’s murder, has followed the stream of funds running between the oil business and those engaged in corruption and trafficking. While she attempts to uncover the old boys’ network within the oil industry, Mia ends up putting her own and Anna’s lives at stake as they search for Irina by challenging the brutal Ghazi, a former Yugoslavian criminal.

Praise for 21 Days:

"A delightful blend of corruption, cocaine and kinky sex; this is one of the best attempts so far at writing a real thriller about the Norwegian oil rush. Sidsel Dalen mixes known ingredients in an innovative way in this well-written story from contemporary Norway that conceals dark secrets beneath an apparently perfect surface... Sympathetically, the author chooses to let the novel have a seemingly happy ending. But before we get there, we've been entertained thoroughly. I look forward to more thrills from Dalen's pen."
5/6 stars, VG

"Tremendously good ... Throughout over 400 pages, Dalen manages to keep the suspense and nerve at a high level. It's quite impressive. 21 Days stands to be one of the season's best thrillers ... The book is practically impossible to put down."
6/6 stars, Tvedestrandsposten

"Dalen knows the art of combining the dark, raw notes with the more humorous elements. As a whole, this is a consistently successful and high-powered thriller."
Hamar Arbeiderblad

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