When the Dead Can Whisper

Aust, Kurt: Når døde hvisker

It is the year 1705. Petter Hortten and Thomas of Boueberge are sent to the lonely island of Anholt, situated between Denmark and Sweden. Their assignment is to look for Bailiff Moritz Giedde, who mysteriously has disappeared. There are a suspicious number of ships that have been wrecked on the dangerous reefs outside Anholt. The thirty-or-so inhabitants of the island are suspected of plundering the ships, and of not offering sufficient help to seamen in need. Already on their first day, Thomas and Petter find a frozen corpse in the sand in a deserted area of the island. Have they found the body of Moritz Giedde?

”It’s first and foremost Aust’s genious ability to penetrate into social settings and environments that gives this novel – like his former novels – an intimacy of its own and a level of reality that you rarely find in this genre." ¨
Jon Terje Grønli, Gjengangeren

“A captivating historical read (…) one of his finest, and a highlight among Norwegian crime novels published this year.”
Ole Jacob Hoel, Adresseavisen  (Five of six stars) 

”The author masters his profession to his fingertips. The result is simply a good and literally old-fashioned crime novel.”
Sindre Hovdenakk, VG (Five of six stars)

”Kurt Aust has found his own niche in Norwegian and Nordic crime fiction literature. He masters it to perfection. (…) This is entertaining cultural history at its best… ”
Finn Stenstad, Tønsbergs Blad (Five of six stars)

”This is the book for the reader who likes mystery and suspense situated in a different era, but at the same time written in a “modern” language using today’s words and expressions.”
Inger Marie Ellingsen, Sandefjords Blad (Five of six stars)

“Kurt Aust’s crime novels seem like they are made for sombre autumn evenings. (…) “When the dead whisper” is an exciting, well-written and entertaining story… ”
Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

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