The Alchemy of Revenge

Aust, Kurt: Hevnens alkymi

Even Vik is under surveillance. The Invisible Brothers, a secret brotherhood, seem to know everything – where he goes, who he talks to, what he does. Also, they have sent him a threatening letter demanding that he solves the code in an old mathematical-alchymistic piece of writing by Isaac Newton. If not, Vik’s son Stig will suffer.

The problem for the expert mathematician Vik is that he is unable to make sense of Newton’s old text. He seeks the help of an Iranian alchemist, but he too is powerless.

In his desperation he joins forces with the widow of a French writer who was killed by the Invisible Brothers. Together they will try undermine the brotherhood by revealing the names and faces of the leaders. With untraditional weapons they go to war against their mighty enemy, who show their ruthlessness by kidnapping Stig. Along the way Vik realizes that the key might be found in works of Einstein and Niels Bohr – though the first clue seems be provided by Newton’s contemporary, Daniel Defoe.

THE ALCHEMY OF REVENGE is the second mystery thriller featuring mathematician Even Vik and a direct follow-up to THE INVISIBLE BROTHERS.

Praise for The Alchemy of Revenge:

"Kurt Aust truly has a firm grasp of the [conspiracy fiction] genre (...) In 500 action packed pages Kurt Aust leads us quickly across borders - sometimes through centuries, based on old manuscripts, novellistic fragments and number mysticism that surpasses most things. (...) the reader who goes in for this genre, gets what he is looking for in this book."
(Tønsbergs Blad)

First published: 2009, Aschehoug Fiction
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