Princes of Peace

Aspøy, Arild: Fredsfyrster

The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded in three weeks. TV reporter Siri Tune receives a tip saying that there’s a coup planned against the award. Someone is trying to hide information regarding the leading candidates' past and their path to fame and power. Somewhere in this past lays the truth about a mass killing of schoolchildren.

This thriller goes deep into the secret game that takes place when the world's top mark of honour will be awarded. In an international environment of lobby organizations, scientists and security companies, two reporters are working to reveal the operation against the Peace Prize and to reveal who’s behind the operation. At the same time, a youth network  is planning actions connecting the Peace Prize to a story more unbelievable than the involved parties ever would have dreamt of.

Princes of Peace is a thriller with an original plot involving the Nobel Prize, school massacres and investigative journalists. 

”Thrilling and credible… The writer (Arild Aspøy) has a rare and solid grasp on his tale, and the story is driven forward by an intense drama… There are indications that this book is this somewhat special autumn’s most relevant and most accomplished thriller.” May Grethe Lerum, Verdens Gang

"Dangerously relevant, credible and decent thriller about young mass murderers… This is an exciting thriller. The book is fictional, but it gets its examples from reality. Not only from the references to the research on the school massacres, but perhaps also from the intrigues and the shady lobbying around the Nobel Peace Prize. The cast of characters is transparent, varied, and literary credible."
Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet

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