Aspøy, Arild: Hjerteknuser

The ambitious and ruthlessly probing journalist Siri Tune is sitting with a photograph in her hand. It shows two boys of fifteen or sixteen with their arms amiably around each other. One is the Norwegian Stein Seierstad, future Prime Minister of Norway; the other the Serbian Alek Reptik, future war criminal and mafioso.

The year is 2016, the conservative government is on the verge of collapse, and Seierstad runs for Prime Minister again. Siri will do anything in her power to prove that, due to his childhood friendship with Alek Reptik, Seierstad is a prisoner in the grip of the Serb. But she needs evidence. The person who can provide this is the woman Anica, who is in a crisis centre in Serbia - a centre which is practically a prison. Getting her out of there is bound to be a perilous mission.

Heartbreaker  is a thriller about the international mafia, high-level technology, political strategy and dangerous journalistic work.

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