Beyond Sing the Woods

Gulbranssen, Trygve: Og bakom synger skogene

In this first volume, Beyond Sing the Woods, we get acquainted with the Bjørndal family and the limited reality in the village where they live.

The book has a lyrical, romantic base with a variety of great descriptions, both magnificent depictions of nature, the people and the lives they lead.

We get to know Dag Bjørndal and his family. We realise both who and what the family are, and what it once was. We see the lives that the family members lead, the nature they live in, and are submitted to, and the challenges they meet. We get to know the people in the village, their relations to Dag and the Bjørndal family, and the role the family plays in the life and times of the small community. We witness how the position of the family makes it the focus of attention in the villages, and how gossip, envy and evil become part of the family’s reality. We encounter everything: love, dilemmas, and the troubles of finding the right solutions and living the lives they should.

Few family novels have ever succeeded in making the people and the life they led so alive and real as Gulbranssen does in this book.

The trilogy:
The Wind from the Mountains
No Way Around

First published: 1933, Aschehoug
Trygve Gulbranssen: Biography and bibliography

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