Christianus Sextus

Falkberget, Johan: Christianus Sextus

Christianus Sextus (1927-1935) is a magnificent trilogy from a mining community in the 1700s. It is based on profound research and a vast selection of sources, but at the same time, the author uses impressions from his own age – the interwar years with widespread unemployment and hardship - which blends into the historical material.

In The First Journeymen we meet 13 poor Swedes, woodmen and soldiers from King Charles the 12 th’s army. They travel across the Keel mountains to seek employment in a newly established mine. And in this line of work, they get to prove what they are truly made of.

The second volume, Under the Sign of the Hammer, opens with the most splendid description of mountains to be found in Norwegian literature. And with the lyrical accounts we are also presented with a vivid picture of Røros, The Town of the Mount, and of life in the mines.

The third and last volume, The Tower Watchman, is the most colourful in the trilogy. Among others we meet fantasist and genius Erns-Ola, a tower watchman and an astronomer who, in his loneliness, struggles to construct a telescope that will enable him to look at unknown stars far, far away.

First published: 1927-1935

Johan Falkberget: Biography and bibliography

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