Collected Poems. Part One

Bjerke, André: Samlede dikt. Første del

This is the first volume of the new edition of André Bjerke’s Collected Poems. It contains poems from his work from 1940 ( Singing Earth) till 1954 ( As the Seed Carries the Sketch of a Tree). We follow the young debutant’s development from he was first praised by the public and the critics, until he had established himself as one of our leading lyricists.

There are poems that vary between the grandiloquent and merry – positive poems, and later also poems with a darker undertone. The examples of Bjerke’s unique ability to master classical art of poetry are innumerable. Many of the author’s most famous poems are included in this collection, among them Thou Shall be True, The Rainbow, The Hours of Idleness, The Secret Summer and Three Funny Cats.

First published: 2007, Aschehoug
André Bjerke: Biography and bibliography

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