The Treasure of Miklagard

Egeland, Tom: Skatten fra Miklagard

Robert joins his mother as she embarks on a new archaeological dig in Vestfold, Norway. A rumour of a revolutionary new find spreads quickly. His mother uncovers an unknown Viking burial place, and Robert starts having weird dreams. A young Viking called Ulv talks to him in his dreams. Ulv guards an old treasure, and the hiding place will only be revealed once Robert deciphers a set of old runes. The chase is on; Robert must find the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands …

The Treasure of Miklagard is a standalone sequel to Tom Egeland’s prize winning young adult novel The Secrets of the Catacomb.

Rights sold to

Language Foreign publisher
Bulgarian Perseus
Swedish Bokförlaget Opal AB
Ukrainian The Old Lion Publishing House

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