Eeg, Harald Rosenløw: Yatzy Winner of the Brage Prize

Dag Vidar is a boy who is going to start a new life. He gets sent to a new family, in a new place. He gets new trainers, a new cat and a girlfriend. He gets a digital camera so he can film the beginning of his new life. In fact, the future looks bright. But the more Dag Vidar becomes accustomed to his new life, the more frightened he becomes that someone will reveal what happened before: the reason he had to move to a foster home. He begins to doubt all the good things around him, becoming his own worst enemy in his fear that his past might one day be revealed. In particular, the memories of his brother Dennis haunts him and disturbs his new life.

Once again Harald Rosenløw Eeg spellbinds the reader with his language in an unbelievably engaging story about the vulnerability of the love-starved boy Daggi. This is a story that unfolds with as much excitement as a thriller. Yatzy has already brought Harald Rosenløw Eeg two of Norway’s most prestigious literary awards; The Brage Prize and The Minister of Cultural Affairs’ Prize for Literature .

Praise for Yatzy:

"There comes a moment when this book suddenly grips us intensely, the heart starts to beat apace and the eyes scour wildly, zooming through the text faster than I think I have ever read the pages of a book before. There is no way of guessing what is going to happen, but you have got to find out.Harald Rosenløw Eeg’s writing is that thrilling ... The double Brage Prize-winner,Harald Rosenløw Eeg has already built an impressive body of work.He has a volcanic power of expression in the ideas and life understandings which he brings to his work, and in his capacity to transform them into outstanding, original literature"  (Dagbladet)

"Rosenløw Eeg, however, does not choose the path of simple sentimentality in his portrayal of teenage pain. Instead he allows the story to develop towards a climax that is as powerful as it is unexpected. My heart was hammering when I finally put down the book"
(Petter Bengtsson, Arbetarbladet, Sweden)
"Harald Eeg has written a both haunting and positive novel for young adults."
Deutschlandradio Kultur  

" [...] a gripping and award-winning psycho-thriller … It is unusually well-written and highly recommended, from beginning to end.”
Bulletin Jugend & Literatur

"[...] the suspension lasts until the very last page.”

"The author has written a literary masterpiece; the fact that it has been awarded with the Norwegian Brage prize attests this."

"A brilliant psychological portrait. Highly recommendable."
Giessener Allgemeine

"A touching story that gets under your skin. [...] not an easy book, but one that leaves an impression!"
Sempacher Woche/Luzerner Rundschau

"A literary success!"
Schulblatt des Kantons St. Gallen

"[...] a brilliant portrait of a youth."
Jugendliteratur aktuell

 "A very insightful thriller. Highly recommended!"

 "[...] a dramatic and exciting story [...] an extraordinary young-adult novel … An excellent book with gripping imagery and the dramatic composition of a film."

 "A thriller that touches one to one’s innermost heart and leaves one breathless until the very last page."
Buchgedanke (blogg)

Harald Rosenløw Eeg:   Biography and bibliography

First published: 2004

Rights sold to

Language Foreign publisher
Danish Turbine
French Ed. Panama
German Gerstenberg Verlag
Swedish Kabusa Böcker

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