The Cross-headed Screwdriver

Eeg, Harald Rosenløw: Stjernetrekker

Harald Rosenløw Eeg's new book for young adults is a fable that is just as riveting - and breathtaking - as his bestseller Vrengt.
Stella lives an engrossing life of her own as little stAre in a chat room on the Internet together with Justin and pitbull. One day, quite without warning, she collapses and goes into coma. She comes to to find herself in a place both alien and desolate. But the first person she meets is her grandfather, whom she has not seen for as long as she can remember. Stella finds herself growing forgetful. In the place where she is she is cut off from all means of communication, so she decides she must have been sent there to break her of her obsession with the Internet.
Justin's father lands in the same hospital, and Justin sits by his bedside without knowing that little stAre is in the next bed. All this time Stella"s mother is feverishly endeavouring to find out what has become of her daughter. Stella's grandfather concludes that it should be possible for Stella to go home and sets out to have her released.

Praise for Stjernetrekker:

"primarily a story of loneliness, yearnings and being in love, a story told with such brio as to leave the reader with many images imprinted on his retina."
(Stavanger Aftenblad)

Harald Rosenløw Eeg: Biography and bibliography

First published: 2002

Languages: Norwegian

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