Cursed Curriculum

Eeg, Harald Rosenløw: Alt annet enn pensum

Klaus and his mother have just moved to Oslo. They are both going to start at the same school; Klaus as a student, his mother as a school counsellor. But even before Klaus gets a chance to meet his new classmates, weird things begin to happen. A boy gets killed in a tube accident, and Klaus by coincidence finds his electronic diary. Klaus begins to doubt whether the boy’s death really was an accident. And while he is digging for the truth, he gets caught in a dangerous game where nothing is like it seems. In this game, Klaus has no one he can trust.

Not even himself …

Harald Rosenløw Eeg’s ninth novel is a suspenseful, chilling and attention-grabbing thriller.

Praise for Cursed Curriculum:

"Very rarely you experience that the author grabs you with a powerful grip around the neck and throws you into the novel. Harald Roseløw Eeg does this in his new novel ... Without belittlement for everyone else: As a young adult’s author there is no one in this country who is superior to this man now. Anything but Required Reading is a master novel in which just about everything works. There is a captivating, gripping and painful story, there is a dramaturgy which chases the reader along and language which is both poetic, effective and completely believable ... Harald Rosenløw Eeg performs mental surgery with a gentle and precise hand. What is unveiled are the secrets of adolescents, their thoughts, dreams, their insecurities, their need for support, warmth, friendship – not to mention their evil. Everything told by the writer who has the grip, the language and empathy . King of the Hill. Harald the Great"
(Tønsbergs Blad)

"Young adults’ literature, with its great titles and small names, is full of boring authors who write about interesting things. Often crime and love and puberty and family saga in one go, without great ambitions for literary art. Harald Rosenløw Eeg is a lovely and rare flower. His books for young adults respect that also those under the age of eighteen are receptive to symbolism, to linguistic experimenting … In his newest book Anything but Required Reading, the author describes a boy like this: He has «a diamond shining in his ear and a thin necklace of yellow spots sparkling on his chin». The connection between jewellery and acne seems both raw and elegant, and is an example of Rosenløw Eeg’s will to challenge the light form of adolescent drama"
(Ny tid)

"In many of his books, Eeg circles problems concerning the one ore the few who don’t fit in; kids who struggle with sense of belonging and search for the code in interpersonal relationships. Yet Eeg tells new, original stories the whole time, here as well, even though he alludes to the classic The Catcher in the Rye. At the same time the book carries his typical trademark, especially linguistically. Eeg has a wealth of literary images which are both innovative and characteristic. Part of what makes him so good, what gives me a great sensation of joy, is the language he uses. The author also shows that he masters the craft of composition by elegantly letting the book begin and end in the same place"
(Vårt land)

"This is the creepiest book I have read in a long time. It’s claustrophobic, anxiety-inducing and blacker than the snowless December evening outside. It deals with psychological pressure, hidden networks and it all ends in death"
(NRK P2 kulturnytt)

"The title can represent the expectations of the readers – of how we think a story is supposed to be told, how it should unfold and how it should end. This is a refreshingly formula-free book, which is difficult to put in a genre. It is not a pure crime novel where the bad guy is to be caught. Nor is it psychological mind-troubling, there is no maniac who messes up the house of the hero. The book is a bit of a lot, and there are few heroes and many villains. Everything goes down the drain – and that is amazingly wonderful"

"There is something liberating about Rosenløw Eegs sincerity. He dares to touch the big feelings, both the light pink and the dark grey ones. He dares to speak in capital letters. There are many embarrassing tripwires in the genre of heartfelt novels for young adults, but Rosenløw Eeg manages to skip most of them"

"He creates novelistic art, which for different reasons is especially interesting for young adults, but which most of all is great literature … Is there another Norwegian author born in 1970 or later with more spunk and talent than Harald Rosenløw Eeg? Once again he knocks the readers out completely with his talent for dramaturgy and design, which makes him both a raw and tender voice of our time"

" Anything but Required Reading is a wonderful and intriguing book about being exposed, lonely and vulnerable, and intensely wish to come in from the cold, though the inside is not necessarily a better place to be"
(Verdens Gang)

"… this is one of this year’s most intense books for young adults. Read as a crime novel, this book is a nervous pursuit, always with new suspects. Read as a psychological thriller it is disturbingly creepy. Read as a realistic reflection of "The Suburban Animal” it is a strong and dark experience" (Adresseavisen)

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First published: Aschehoug Children & Young Adults 2006

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Language Foreign publisher
Dutch Lannoo
French Editiones Thierry Maginer
German Gerstenberg Verlag
Swedish Kabusa Böcker

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