All the Doves

Eeg, Harald Rosenløw: Alle Duene

It is wartime, but Adam lives in Peace. At least, that's what it's called, the run-down part of town to which he, his mother and other social misfits have been consigned. Adams humdrum life as an errand boy carries on as usual - until Mystery Man Georg appears, along with his set of measuring instruments. From then on no-one can feel safe, and the time is fast approaching when Adam will have to choose sides.
Although this book, Harald Rosenløw Eegs sixth novel for young adults, tells a sad and serious story, it is shot through with hope. An important book that will appeal to a wide range of young readers, Alle duene is an accurate portrayal of how evil - and good - people can actually be.

Praise for All the Doves:

"This is a very successful novel, and there is no reason to lock it into the young adult genre"

Harald Rosenløw Eeg: Biography and bibliography

First published: 2003, Aschehoug Children and Young Adults

Languages: Norwegian

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