Linda's Aunt is a Queen

Brekke, Toril: Tanta til Linda er en dronning

Toril Brekke's new book for young adults is all about caring and security, yearnings and disturbing secrets; but it is also about friendship, playing games and exciting ideas.
Kristian lives with his parents in a street that is as ordinary as can be - except for one thing, a tumbledown old house known as the Dovecote. One summer day Linda moves into the Dovecote together with a lady of such striking demeanour that she is immediately dubbed the Queen. Linda tells Kristian that her parents are dead and that the lady is her aunt. The children in the street take to Linda's aunt at once, but Linda remains cold and aloof. What does she have against the Queen; and why is she so morose and insistent on keeping herself to herself?

First published: 2002, Aschehoug Children and Young Adults

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