Kosinus the Dragon

Hareide, Solveig og Kari Hansen: Dragen Kosinus

Come along to Kosinus the Dragon’s magical universe of numbers.

Kosinus the Dragon and Solveig have been a success on Norwegian TV. Kosinus loves numbers so much that he can’t help but eat them. This gets him into trouble, since missing numbers lead to chaos. The only one that can help him is his super-heroine friend, Solveig.

In the three picture books Kosinus Goes Sailing, Kosinus at the Farm, and Kosinus at the Palace, Kosinus gets locked in the barn, in the cabin, and in the princess’ tower. The reader has to solve fun problems to get the circle key, the triangle key, and the square key, the only keys that fit the dragon lock.

Kosinus is guarding the mountain when one day he hears hammering outside the dragon cave. He looks out to find Solveig making a number seven of rock. Solveig teaches Kosinus to count. When Kosinus saves Solveig from falling off the mountain, she invites him home to the number factory. Together they make number cake and number balloons for the town’s 1000-year anniversary.

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