The Super-Dreamer

Hagerup, Klaus: Superdrømmeren

Sebastian Olsen is a dreamer. Everyone dreams at night, but with Sebastian, it's different. His dreams continue during the day, and when he puts his pyjamas on, he is the super-dreamer. Then he can make anyone be nice. Even Tobben the super-bully.

Illustrated by Per Dybvig.

"The expert author of children’s books Klaus Hagerup demonstrates that he also takes the very youngest children seriously when he writes about Sebastian the dreamer. Even short sentences can be linguistically agile, and Hagerup has created a good book for brand new bookworms, while the illustrator provides cool, funny and charmingly caricatured drawings”

First published: 2005, Aschehoug Children
Klaus Hagerup: Biography and bibliography

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