Wondering Iben

Gulliksen, Geir: Iben og forvandlingen

Wondering Iben is about a little girl who has gone to bed for the night. She does not want to be read or sung to, but lies awake and waits for her mother to return from a ski trip. While she waits she stares at the ceiling and wonders. She calls her father with all sorts of questions: “Why is it possible to look through windowpanes and not through walls?” “Why are we alive?” Outside it’s snowing. The snow transforms the world. When her mother comes home from skiing, she tells Iben she also feels quite transformed. What does she mean by that?

This picture book is illustradet by Anna Fiske, one of Norway’s most renowned illustrators of children’s books. She is also the author of graphic stories and picture books.

First published: 2012

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